Skilled Expertise in Administrative Actions and Proceedings

Former California Administrative Law Judge, now defending physicians, dentists, accountants, and other licensed professionals against revocation by the State.

State-licensed contractor now representing CSLB and other State licensees.

Knowledge and expertise in academic integrity, honor code student misconduct and grievances, tenure hearings and administrative hearings and appeals.

Administrative hearings and administrative appeals.

A law firm for cases that matter: effective, creative, aggressive representation in cases where we can bring genuine expertise to bear.

In an administrative law battle, where your future and your livelihood is at stake, our Firm may be the resource that can make the difference for you. If you are handling a matter concerning complex ethical issues, potential expulsion or dismissal from an academic institution or degree program, or potential loss, denial or limitation of a State or federal license that provides your livelihood, you very  likely need the highest calibre of skilled legal representation.

LALG is a highly dedicated, experienced and expert firm of attorneys, officed in Pasadena,that  assists attorneys throughout the State of California and nationwide in all matters relating to the law and strategies of defending against university disciplinary procedures [and the intersection of State licensing and criminal defense issues]. LALG’s advice has been relied upon by lawyers and clients throughout the United States and LALG has proven to be the “go to” law firm for those with serious ethical and legal matters affecting University standing /State licensing.

You are invited to review the most recent attorney testimonials about our work here Some specific examples of LALG’s professional experience in advice and/or legal representation:

  • Retained by Gen Contractor’s insurance carrier to coordinate and defend against disgorgement -claims and CSLB license revocation in a $xx million construction defects case
  • Arbitrator for the Public Works Contract Arbitration Program, designated by State of California, Department of General Services -Moral Character” fitness determinations for applicants for admission to State Bar of California -Court-accepted expert in jury trial pertaining to attorney misconduct and failure to meet employment standards; jury verdict in excess of $1 million -Multiple “second opinion” analyses and independent evaluations re recommendations of contingency counsel

With thirty+ years each of significant legal experience – as practicing attorneys, managing/supervising counsel, expert witness, consultant, State-designated arbitrator, and California Administrative Law Judge – the partners of License Advocates Law Group LLP have together mastered the skills and principles of effective, ethical, and aggressive legal representation. Not every dispute merits this degree of professional commitment or calibre of legal representation. But when the case truly matters – when the outcome can determine your future or limit your livelihood – License Advocates Law Group can provide you the highest quality of effective, skilled, and comprehensive legal representation.

Some examples of cases where LALG’s services have made the difference include: Advice and representation in defense against university and college (public and private) charges of academic misconduct and plagiarism; denials of tenure; internal grievances re academic freedom, degree progress, internship eligibility; and other education-related administrative disputes. State agency disputes: LALG advises and defends Federal- and California-licensed businesses and professionals in government investigations and proceedings re license discipline, revocation, and probationary limitations. LALG also represents businesses and professionals that have been denied State and federal licenses., certificates, credentials and permits. Managing the legal defense team: LALG works with the executive, management, and inside legal team of businesses to identify and vet suitable outside counsel and to supervise and manage outside legal work, ensuring that such work is cost-effective, skilled, efficient, and consistent with management’s authorizations and approvals.

LICENSE ADVOCATES LAW GROUP is here for you and for your business when you are forced into a legal dispute where the outcome truly matters.

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10 Basic Considerations for License-holders Facing State Discipline

Licensing Law Caveats for the Criminal Defense Bar

White Paper on California License Revocation Hearings

Article about Successfully Appealing CSLB Denial of Contractors License For Lack of Journeyman Trade Experience

" Ms. McCall is able to see a conflict and handle it with grace, dignity and respect for a fellow colleague. I am truly impressed with her innate ability to treat others with courtesy, class and professionalism."
D.P., FL Attorney


If you have a legal question

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J.P., FL Attorney


Her expertise in highly specialized areas of law is widely recognized. She has a breadth and depth of experience which unfailingly serves her clients’ interests.

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I would recommend her without hesitation to anyone facing discipline or termination by a state agency or school.

V.R., CA Attorney

"The highest calibre of professional knowledge and experience – and the stamina, creativity, and strategic judgment that can make all the difference to the result of the case."